A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


The game has been developed during a 48 hours game jam .

The Theme was about ''Eat, Play, Love'' so we decided to make a game that you can play with your friends about eat something . So , we came out with an idea which is a local multiplayer arena game .

you can play with 2 or 4 players together and you will need a gamepad . No support for keyboards now but will.

The game has some bugs but it is fun to play with these bugs but we will fix it later on .

Short Description

Pukeable is a local multiplayer arena game in which 4 players are thrown into the arena and try to puke each other to death. Besides the horror, players can share their incredible love and respect with each other by blowing kisses and dancing. Pukers eat to increase their puke bar, then puke on their opponents. Last player standing wins the game.


Left Analog stick : Movement

RB : Puke

LB : Blow a kiss

RT : Dance

RB : Alternative Dance

Start : Submit Button

Back : Cancel Button

Let's have fun!!!!


Ibrahim Kaya - Gameplay programmer , Animation programmer and Game Design

Mıstık Çağın Eremektar - Game Design , Sound (He has a lot of idea about the sound , we will implement it later )

Emre Şerbetçioğlu - Game programmer and Game Design

Simay Gizem Çavuşoğlu - 2D Artist , UI Designer , Texture painting

Special Thanks

Berkan Baltaş - Magnificent splash image

Özge Mirza - Funny Application icon


Pukeable_MacOS 42 MB
Pukeable_Win64bit 29 MB
Pukeable_Win34bit 27 MB

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